Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nails of the Week: Pastel Nails

Hello my loves,
For this week nails of the week, I wanted to something that embraced the current trend – Pastel Colors. While at Walgreens a couple weeks ago I picked up a Wet N Wild Purple Nail Polish called On A Trip for $.99 but never got around to getting nails done with this color. This week I decided to go for since it was such a pretty purple color and would go great with the nail style that I had in mind.

WNW On A Trip is a very opaque nail polish that is more on the lilac side than purple and when paired with my mint green nail polish, it reminds me of Easter.

The mint green nail polish that I used to create this nail style is from Forever 21 called Mint and I topped with a glitter nail polish to give it that added glitter effectSmile!

The WNW nail polish comes with a unique, full-coverage brush that makes the nail polish application easy to apply and has been design with a new formula that makes it chip resistant which cause it to last longer. I am really curious to see if it live up to the hype and how many days it will go without chipping.


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