Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revlon Limited Edition Nail Art Stencils

Hey loves,

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Orlando celebrating my friend's bacholorette weekend. Before heading back home to Miami, I made a pit stop at the CVS near my friend's house to use a coupon that was going to expire and let me tell you I am soo glad I made that stop. As I was walking around the store, I came across the Limited Edition Nail Art Stencils from Revlon and picked up two packs. I would've bought more but they were pretty much sold out of the all of that they had.

From the collection, I got Hearts and Mustaches. Funny story about the Mustache nail sticker. I saw the slot for the Mustache and REALLY want it but I figured that would be the first nail design to go since mustaches are really popular right now and it was. Like I said before, most of the stickers were gone with the exception of a few that weren't so popular. So I dug around looking through what was left and saw that this one was hiding in the back of a different nail design. I guess someone was trying to hide it but they never came back for it. Since it was the last one, I grab it along with the Heart design and use my 20% off coupon towards my purchase. At $4.99, these nail stencils are a steal. Most nail art stickers typical retail for $9.99 or up and sometimes they aren't worth the investment. But since I was able to save on these, they are worth it to me.

Nail Art Stencil - Mustaches
Nail Art Stencils - Mustache
When I got back home, I checked my local CVS and I wasn't able to find these nail design so I am glad I was able to pick these up while they were still available. I can't wait to try these out so stayed tuned for a review and a nail post:)!


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