Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring 2013 Nail Picks

Just as in fashion, nail polish also follows a trend. Every season, nail polish companies release several new variations of colors and styles that are associated with that particular season. This Spring's nail trends are bright colors, bright and muted pastels  holographic effect, metallics, dark colors, eggshell effect, neons and neutral.  

Most of the colors that I mention down below are part of past season collections and aren't available in stores anymore. For the ones I could find, I posted a link down below so check them out if you are interest in getting your hands on any of these polishes:).

I am very excited about wearing these colors for Spring and I will be doing swatches and nail art designs with them very soon!
Bright Colors
 From left to right:
Orly - Fresh
 From left to right:
 From left to right:
Holographic Glitter
 From left to right:
Urban Outfitters - Mystic
Eggshell Effect
 From left to right:
Forever 21 - Grey/Hot Pink
From left to right:
Dark Color
Alternative Colors
These alternative colors are for those who like color but don't want to go too bold.
From left to right:

 Check out my video for more details:

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