Monday, July 1, 2013

Guest Blog Post - FashInNY

Happy Monday everyone! We are officially in summer and I wanted to share with you a guest post from the wonderful FashInNY on accessories that she is loving for summer. Being an accessory lover myself, I’ve come to appreciate the extra pizazz that accessories add to an outfit. Check out her post belowJ.           

Summer is the time to shine- show off your tan, your arms, legs and...fabulous jewelry! I am a huge fan of gold for the Summer time and with so many great brands out there the possibilities are endless! It's no secret I have a knack for accessories and in my NYC apartment, they fill the dressers, bookshelves and any nook or cranny you can imagine. I organize and re-organize but for my ever growing collection, it's no use. As long as I can find what I need in my jewelry infested apartment, I am a happy gal! What do I love about accessories? They have the ability to change a blank canvas into something amazing, little tweaks can change an entire look. So what are my favorites? Take a peek into my closet for some accessory inspiration!

Want more? Come visit me over at Fashinny for more of my jewelry adventures!

1. Similar Style: Bib Necklace

2. Lulu Dharma 18K Gold Vermeil Wrap Bracelet $29 (on sale from $190)

6. Danielle Stevens Jewelry (These necklaces are available Fall 2013)

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