Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nails of the Week: Essie Mesmerize

Hey everyone,

I am really working on building my nail polish collection but I stopped recently because I want to use the nail polishes that I have a least once. This past weekend I got a new nail polish from L'Oreal that my sister got for me and I was very excited about trying it but when my nail lady put it on, the color was very opaque and was not that color I was looking for. The color in the bottle was very pretty and thick but the color applied very sheer and i didn't like the sheerness of it. I do plan on doing a future post on that nail polish because I really love the color and I am DETERMINED to make it work. Lol. Since I didn't want to use the nail polish that I bought with me, I was forced to pick a color from the nail salon. I've been going to my nail salon for a year and a half now and this was the second time that I used a color from there. I was very happy that I did because I found a new color that I am in love with - Essie Mesmerize. It's a perfect blue color for spring and I plan on buying that nail polish so I can have it in my collection!!

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