Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nails of the Week: Sparkly Pink and Blue

Hey everyone,
It has been a while since I did a nail of the week blog post - actually it has been two weeks:(. In the past two weeks that I gotten my nails done, I've some how manage to ruin my manicure when I left the nail salon. Then I would go home and try to fix the mistake and it wouldn't come out the same so I would end up with a manicure that I didn't like which would force me to have to wait till the following week to get them done. I am such a perfectionist that I wouldn't post a nail of the week if my nails weren't perfect. This week my nails came out great and now I able to post:)!!

The other day I was at Marshalls and I came across a Color Zone Nail Polish trio set for $4.99 and gave me a perfect idea for this week nails of the week. The nail set that I picked up came with purplish-pink nail polish, a deep blue nail polish and sparkly glitter nail polish. Funny story about the nail polish set. I originally went to Marshalls to buy a shirt and came across this set and thought it was very pretty. One side of me said to get it while the other said no put it back. Well, I listened to the side that told me to put it back and I did. After I left the store, I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back to Marshalls right before they close and I was frantically searching for the set but couldn't find it. I am a very determined person, so I had one of the Marshalls employees looking for it with me and right as they were closing down the Marshalls for the night, the sales rep found it and I was able to purchase it and be on my merry way. Lol. I know I am crazy but when I want something I will do what it takes to make sure I get my hands on it. Lol.

Hope you guys enjoy this week's Nails of the Week:)!

I took this picture with the flash on because I wanted you guys to see how pretty the colors are.


  1. Cute colors, and I love the glitter one!

    1. Thank you. I love the glitter and makes the nails come together better:)!


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